Want to see what round dance looks like in action?   Visit

For fun, try watching one with the sound off.  Synchronized Ballroom Dance!

Cued Ballroom Dance on Facebook:
International Choreographed Ballroom Dance Association : The largest Cued/Choreographed Ballroom Dance organization in the world.
RoundDanceSacramento : The Sacramento Cued Ballroom Dance community’s main Facebook page. : International Round Dance Teachers Assn. Source for standardized cue sheets. Join as a non-teaching member and get access to their teaching materials.

ICBDA:  The International Choreographed Ballroom Dance Association.  The largest Cued Ballroom Dance group in the world.  Their annual conference is the highlight of the Round Dance season!

Round-a-lab Cue Sheet Collection:  Round-a-lab is the teacher’s organization.  This is a great place to find cue sheets : Another source for cue sheets.

Figures:  (Harold and Meredith Sears).  They also have some very interesting articles about the various rhythms.