Cued Ballroom – Ballroom Dancing’s Best Kept Secret!

Cued Ballroom (also called “Choreographed Ballroom Dance” or “Round Dance”) is ballroom dancing with a twist – the dances are pre-choreographed and a “cuer” announces the steps as the dance proceeds. Freed from memorized sequences and the complexities of leading and following, the dancers can focus on the steps and the rhythm while enjoying professional choreography. It really is an easy and fun way to learn and enjoy ballroom dancing.

Since it uses standard ballroom dance steps, the skills acquired can be used in any social dance setting.  No more embarrassment at weddings – just get up and dance!

Also, since both partners hear the cue, developing leading and following skills is less important than in traditional ballroom dance, so dancers need only switch partners if they choose to.  No more dancing with strangers.  You arrive together, you dance together!

This is why we call it, “Ballroom Dancing’s Best Kept Secret“.

To learn more, watch one of these videos: