Want to show your love of Cued Ballroom Dance / Choreographed Ballroom Dance / Round Dance?  Check out our CafePress store: :   We have T-shirts, mugs, totes, bumper stickers, and lots more!

You can also order T-shirts on Amazon:
Round Dance: here
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Proceeds go to support our efforts to bring “Ballroom Dancing’s Best Kept Secret” to the masses.

Embroidered garments:

We’d love to be able to offer the dance community some high-quality embroidered products.  We already have several designs set up with Queensboro – a very high-quality online vendor.  However, setting up a shop to allow dancers to buy these products directly costs money, so we’re turning to the dance community for help.  We need to raise about $200 to open the store and set up a couple more graphic designs.

As a thank-you, contributors ($10 or more) will be given early access to the shop, where they will be able to buy their embroidered goodies with no club markup!

Please help us get this going.  Send your pledge to:  Thanks!