Want to see what round dance looks like in action?   There are several videos on
Or on youtube

For fun, try watching one with the sound off.  Synchronized Ballroom Dance!

Cued Ballroom Dance on Facebook:
Sacramento Cued Ballroom Dance Club  : The club’s own Facebook page.  Normally only used for very club-specific information.
RoundDanceSacramento : The Sacramento Cued Ballroom Dance community’s main Facebook page.  A site for all things Round Dance in the greater Sacramento area.  Has videos of popular dances, and up-to-date schedules of all lessons and dances in the area.

Rounddancingfool Youtube channel : Videos of our area dancers at play!

Yelp :  Reviews and comments about our club on Yelp.
Yelp’s “Recommendation Software” is tuned for bars and pizza parlors.  Many of our dancers come from far away to enjoy our club, and Yelp’s automated software thinks this is a bad thing and marks these reviews as “not recommended”.  So, be sure to look at the “not currently recommended” reviews as well. : International Round Dance Teachers Assn. Source for standardized cue sheets. Join as a non-teaching member and get access to their teaching materials.

ICBDA:  The International Choreographed Ballroom Dance Association.  The largest Cued Ballroom Dance group in the world.  Their annual conference is the highlight of the Round Dance season!

Round-a-lab Cue Sheet Collection:  Round-a-lab is the teacher’s organization.  This is a great place to find cue sheets : Another source for cue sheets.

Figures:  (Harold and Meredith Sears).  They also have some very interesting articles about the various rhythms.

Videos on : Many Cued Ballroom videos (no login required)

Videos on Glen and Helen : Lots of Cued Ballroom videos (must register and obtain a login)