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What is Cued Ballroom Dance? Cued Ballroom Dance (also called “Round Dance” or “Choreographed Ballroom Dance”) uses ballroom dance steps (figures), but the dances are choreographed in advance and a “cuer” announces each step as the music proceeds. The couples are arranged in a circle and the choreography moves them slowly in a counter-clockwise direction (hence the original name “Round Dance”).

Having the songs choreographed in advance frees the dancers from the need to do anything other than dance, making this the easiest form of ballroom dance to learn, and the most fun to do!  And professional choreography means the steps fit the music to a tee.  And, since it uses ballroom dance steps, the skills acquired can be used in any appropriate dance setting.  This is why we call it, “Ballroom Dancing’s Best Kept Secret”.

Also, since both partners hear the cue, developing leading and following skills is less important than in traditional ballroom dance, so dancers need only switch partners if they choose to.

If you want to see what round dance looks like in action, there are several videos on rounddancesacramento.com
Or on youtube

For fun, try watching one with the sound off.  Synchronized Ballroom Dance!